Booker Tools 3 in 1 solution can help you to prepare for the next season

Booker Tools is a Vacation Rental software that can be customized to fit the requirements of any Property Manager. The software was created and developed by one of the TOP 10 World’s Vacation Rental Management Agencies, Direct Booker. That’s the main difference between Booker Tools and other similar technologies. It is made by Property Managers for Property Managers.

The number of BT users is increasing daily and is currently used by thousands of users with over 10 000 property units in 13 countries. One of the satisfied partners is Denor Travel, Tourist Agency from Orebić in Croatia. We spoke with Muhamed Lulak, the agency owner, who revealed the specifics of their business and satisfaction with BT software.

Tell us the story about your agency?

The agency has existed practically since 2011, and we mainly do Vacation Rental Management for our partners. Our substantial segment is also the so-called “water” part, where we have a small fleet of boats for rent and water sports; jet skis, dinghies, SUP boards, etc.

How many property units do you manage?

Denor Travel works with over 50 properties, and we work with most of them who have multiple units within the property. We advertise them on all popular booking channels today, and we hope that the cooperation with Booker Tools will increase our number of reservations. 

Have you used any technology solution before Booker Tools?

Yes, we used one solid solution from a German company. 

Why did you decide to replace it with Booker Tools? Why didn’t it meet your needs?

Honestly, after talking to your director Mr. Grubelić I decided to change it. He invited me for a meeting and we talked for a long time about everything regarding the Vacation Rental Industry. I liked his ideas and the way he thinks, so I agreed that Denor Travel becomes part of the Booker Tools community.

How did you find out about Booker Tools?

As I’ve been in this business a long time, I have heard before about Booker Tools and almost all other Croatian companies that have dealt with this issue. However, somehow all of them were inaccessible, either by price or by approach to the client.

In what ways does BT help your business? What problems did you solve using BT?

For me, the essential part is the so-called Channel Manager. Customer support is also significant; they are always available if we have any questions or need advice. Now we are in the process of creating a new website that will be fully integrated with Booker Tools so that guests will be able to view the property, choose, book and pay for it in just a few clicks.

Booker Tools saves time by automating processes that are performed manually. How much time did it save you? Did you use that time for other jobs?

Well, of course, the very concept of Channel Manager has revolutionized the industry. I hope that this integration of the website => Booker Tools will save me even more time.

What is within the BT system made exclusively for your business? How much has this improved your business?

BT has enabled me to speed up and improve presenting my properties on various booking channels. It simplified my business and saved much time.

How satisfied are you with Customer Support and our Sales department?

Customer support is good. They always contact me as soon as possible, either by mail or phone. We used to be in contact more often, but now I’m probably an “experienced” user, so I only call when needed.

Would you recommend BT to other Property Managers, and why would they use it?

Yes, and I am doing it because it helps me on a daily basis to improve my business performance.

Do you have any advice on how to improve BT?

It’s kind of an ongoing process, anything that can help small agencies is welcome. I have already mentioned on several occasions some things of a technical nature, with which the system can be improved. Most features are already in the implementation phase, and each new version brings some minor improvements. I think BT is on the right track.

If you are also Property Manager, these are the reasons why you should embrace the technology and how Booker Tools can assist you:

1) Optimize your business efficiency and give yourself a chance to scale

2) Showcase your brand by creating your website directly within Booker Tools

3) Boost the dynamics of sales of your properties with advanced sales tools called Revenue Manager, and manage prices and restrictions with automatization processes

Booker Tools 3 in 1 solution can help you successfully prepare for the next season.

If you would like to have a chat about using the technology to optimize and scale feel free to contact us

Why should you start with Direct Booking?

2020 was the beginning of new trends that shifted traveling to different levels and made it unpredictable so that both travelers and service providers had to learn how to adapt to the new normal.

In 2020, we saw a sharp increase in direct bookings. On average, almost 20% of all bookings happened directly. That is an increase of 65% compared to 2019. (source: Stardekk)

Direct Booking is a global trend in the Vacation Rental Industry where travelers prefer to make a reservation for their stay directly with the Property Manager or a Homeowner. This trend has been on the rise for several years, especially since the previous pandemic year. In the following, you can find more details on how having your website can help your business and what are different models of generating direct bookings on your website.

  • Create Your Website

Having your website can be a powerful tool in building your brand. Your rental website can help travelers find all information that they need before making the reservation while keeping the contact after the reservation was made will be the first step in building your customer loyalty. 

If in the offer you provide Promo codes for your guest’s travel or your guest friends, it will be a great option to convert travelers into your regular guests. 

It is no secret that many fees for Property Managers include paying OTA commission fees for reservations generated via their distribution channels. Your rental website will boost your revenue, and being a property manager, it is your business goal. 

Booker Tools Direct Booking tool can help you to boost your business by creating your website directly from the software. A generated website can include all details of your properties together with a booking engine that will allow travelers to make the reservation directly with you. Adapting your rental website to your brand with high-quality images will make a great first impression on your guests. Demonstrate your company brand and what you provide to the customer, and how value is created.

The benefits that travelers get when booking directly with you: 

  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Guaranteed payment security
  • Personal verified properties
  • Personal approach
  • Direct communication
  • Local suggestions and help


  • Booking Engine

Booking Engine is a crucial component of generating direct reservations. If you create your rental website from the system, it will include Booking Engine as well. Suppose you already have your existing website with property content. In that case, Booker Tools can provide you the option of using an integrated booking engine that will enable travelers to book directly on your website. Automatic synchronization of prices, availability, and restrictions will allow you to have the best offers on your website while enabling your customers to have real-time rates and availability without the need for prior inquiries.

  • API Integrations

Using API integration, an existing website can be linked using the iframe components (booking form, calendar, search engine, etc.) – the possibility of API connection means full connection with your website, including automatic synchronization of inventory (reservations, prices, restrictions, and availability) and synchronization of content (photos, description, guiding content of property units…). Connecting your existing website with Booker Tools also provides your customers with real-time rates and availability to book directly on your website.

Regardless of creating a new website from the software or connecting the existing one, Booker Tools central calendar will keep all reservations organized in one place so you can have an overview of all reservation details, both on your desktop version and your Booker Tools mobile app.

Create your website directly from Booker Tools software, start generating direct reservations and make your business more successful. 

If you would like to have more information on how Direct Booking can help your business, we stay at your disposal.

Try Booker Tools for free 15 days.

Why do you need Messaging API?

If you are unfamiliar with the Airbnb Messaging API, it allows you to respond to messages, queries, and guest requests through the Booker Tools system. And all this without the need to log in to the Airbnb platform. This way, you can save time because you don’t need to log in to your Airbnb profile every time. You have all your messages in one place.

Direct Booker, a World-Award Short-Term Rental Agency that manages over 7,800 units, has improved its business using the Airbnb Messaging API.

In addition to enabling faster and more efficient communication, faster search and review of reservations and conversations with guests, it also allows filtering by:

  • name of the apartment
  • reservation number
  • type of inquiry (reservation request, confirmed reservation, or offer)
  • query status (read, unread, sent, draft)
  • last modification

Thanks to this option, it is easier to manage many e-mails and find the one you are looking for faster.

Why message filtering is so important for Property Managers?

Filtering by day of check-in allows for a faster view and timely response to guests. When a large number of e-mails arrive, the e-mails must be prioritized according to the arrival date, as this eliminates the chance that the guest will not receive a response on time.

All in one place.

All notes regarding the facility, such as luggage, parking, check-in, are available in one place, within the platform. Access to all relevant information facilitates communication because you do not have to enter profiles on other platforms and look for the necessary information. Also, the messages are arranged in chronological order, which means that those messages that came last are at the very top.

Like Direct Booker, make a more advanced version of your business. We invite Property Managers who manage multiple accommodation units to contact us and try our Booker Tools software for free.