How to increase your bookings?

Dear readers, check these tips by on how you can increase bookings and improve overall performance on their platform.


Maximise bookings by adding a Flexible – 1 Day policy

Given the current uncertainty around travel, people are looking for more flexibility than ever before. Where appropriate, promotes flexible rates to help make it easy for potential customers to find what they’re looking for. For more info check here:


Offer flexibility to guests by adding a Flexible Rate

In these uncertain times, guests are looking for flexible booking options that allow them to make last-minute changes to their travel plans. For more info visit:


Secure guaranteed payments with a Non-Refundable Rate

With a Non-Refundable Rate, guests pay the full price if they cancel or don’t show up. This rate type is a great way to secure revenue. To find out more check here:


Secure bookings and revenue in advance

The Early Booker Rate helps you boost occupancy early in the season by attracting guests who book their trips well in advance. If you want to know more about this check here:


Attract more families to your properties

According to data, families stay an average of 28% longer and book a 27% higher rate than couples and solo travellers.


Add a targeted rate to increase visibility in mobile searches data shows that 75% of bookings are made on a mobile device. Mobile is by far the most important channel for bookings, and it’s also associated with important booking behaviour:

● Repeat bookings happen more often on the app

● First-time bookings happen seven times more often on a mobile browser

For more info about Mobile Rates check:


Plan for future demand with Online Payments

Depending on the policies you’ve chosen for your property, can pay you either by virtual credit card (VCC) or via bank transfer. This enables you to receive guest payments the way that best suits your business needs. If you want to know more about Online payments visit:


Join the Genius programme

Genius is a marketing tool that helps increase your visibility and connects you with’s highest-value guests. Genius guests travel more, stay for longer and spend more per night than the average customer. For more info check:


You’re invited to join the Preferred Partner Programme

Preferred is an exclusive programme that’s offered to the top 30% of properties on Partners must meet a set of criteria to join, but once a member they can expect a big boost in bookings on in return for a small increase in commission. To learn more about Preferred Partner Programme visit:


Unlock local bookings with a targeted Country Rate

Country Rates are special rates offered to travellers in certain countries and regions that can make your property more attractive to them. Making them part of your pricing strategy is an important way of capturing specific travel demand. For more info check:


Attract guests looking for an Easter or summer getaway

Set up a Getaway Deal on to capture travellers booking for the Easter and summer holidays.


Secure more revenue with a Weekly and Monthly Rate

The latest data shows increased demand for longer stays. Weekly or Monthly Rates can help you capture this demand by offering a discount to guests who book longer stays. – Weekly Rates require a minimum stay of seven nights – Monthly Rates require a minimum stay of 28 nights

Camp Management Software

If we would ask travelers all around the world what is their first thought regarding bookings and travels they would definitely answer, Airbnb, Expedia… For managing sales in short -term rentals it is necessary to use reliable technology, for example, our Property Management Software (PMS).

There are several solutions worldwide, and one of them comes from Croatia.

Booker Tools is a Croatian software developed for the needs of World-Award-Winning short term rental agency, Direct Booker. Channel Manager and PMS are used by thousands of users connected to 8000 properties in 9 countries.

It is a big challenge for finding a suitable technological solution for camps because of specifics in their accommodation units and business models. We asked Maggie Bačelić, Business Manager at a company that rents mobile houses for camps that are located in Pirovac and Vodice.

“I was looking for a technological solution that would make my business better. While I was googling PMS, I came across Booker Tools, which fits perfectly to all my wishes and requests.”

Booker Tools solutions are based not only on the needs of various users but also on the needs of Direct Booker, one of the most successful short term rental agency in the world, based in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

“The Direct Booker reference was a key component in choosing the software, as well as the fact that the software has proven itself in several countries, for several types of users and accommodation units with an annual turnover of more than 100 000 reservations. All of the above gave me the answer to my question – it is a proven and reliable software.”

Thanks to Booker Tools, a small company Direct Booker achieved enviable results of savings and revenue growth. Software was also offered on the market for camps, agencies, ho(s)tels and vacation rental owners.

“Booker Tools is a simple and practical technological solution to increase business efficiency – with an emphasis on saving time and a significant increase in the number of direct bookings. We have all regulations, invoices, fiscal cash register, calendar, guest details in one software. Booker Tools allows you to manage units in multiple locations and fulfils all the needs of users with more than 30 accommodation units. “

You can forget calendar’s manual closing, concerns about overbooking, price modifications and restrictions in each separate sales channel. Booker Tools allows users to automatically synchronize bookings, prices, restrictions, availability, and content across the world’s largest sales channels, communication with guests from one system (without individual login), direct reservations… All in one place.

“I would highly recommend Booker Tools to all camp owners. The software enables automation and increases business efficiency. I can easily see all bookings and details on one screen. There is a mobile application with which I can have control over my objects at any time. Plus, online device management in multiple locations and automatic entry of guest data. I need one user account for all objects with an overview of all important information in one place and automatic synchronization with Phobs.”

Booker Tools PMS can be connected to other channel managers for a better and complete software solution. It was exactly the ideal solution for this user, who connected it to the Phobs channel manager. At Phobs, they develop tailor-made tourism solutions and their customers are hotels, hostels and campsites.

“Booker Tools and Phobs are the perfect combination for my business due to the specific camping connections that Phobs has. The combination of Booker Tools and Phobs solved the problem of 24-hour booking control. I am delighted with the combination of Phobs and Booker Tools, which makes my job very easy. Previously, all reservations had to be entered manually via the web in the PMS software. It was not easy to track availability on our site, so we had fewer direct bookings. “

Booker Tools is more than just technology or software. Our customer support consists of professionals who, based on many years of experience working in the short-term rental business, offer consultation and constant customer support.

“I’ve been using a different channel manager for many years. I stopped using it for several reasons; one of them was the negative customer support experience. On the other side, Booker Tools customer support is excellent, with issues resolved as soon as possible. “

If you also manage a camp, agency, ho(s)tel or private accommodation, and want to check Booker Tools options, try it for free 15 days. We look forward to new partnership and expansion of the network of satisfied customers.