Interview with our partner – EM Property Agency

EM Property agency is a young tourist agency from Rovinj, Croatia that manages property units. They finished the successful tourist season with the help of Vacation Rental Software Booker Tools, and the owner of the agency, Ivana Crnković, told us more about that.

Tell us a little more about the agency – since when do you exist, how many property units do you manage and what services do you offer?
EM-Property is a small agency that currently manages 17 property units that we advertise on 4 sales channels. We have been on the market for a relatively short time and the first season has been successfully completed. We offer several service packages: from the basic package where we manage reservations for clients, advertise properties on various accommodation booking platforms and respond to guests’ inquiries, to a complete property management service where clients let us take complete care of their property, from reservations to check in, administration, cleaning and preparation for new guests. Because of the complexity of this job, I needed quality technology to make it easier.

Booker Tools is software for Property Managers that automates and simplifies the Vacation Rental business and saves time by offering many tools such as Channel Manager, Revenue Manager, Centralized Calendar, Mobile Application etc.
During many years of experience in tourism in jobs such as reception and property agencies, I came across various technological solutions of similar but more modest content. It is for this reason that I immediately opted for Booker Tools which offers a large number of features. I was familiar with Direct Booker company for a long time and I have followed and been interested in their business and technology. I found out everything I was interested in by visiting their website and Facebook page.

The time savings obtained by using a technology solution such as Booker Tools allows Property Managers to dedicate time to other work processes that will improve the quality of their service.
Since Booker Tools is a technological solution created by Direct Booker, which is one of the TOP 10 World Vacation Rental Agencies, I knew right away that it would also suit all segments of my business. Although I am still in the process of expanding my business, I know that it will save a lot of time I have spent so far on closing reservations on various sales channels. This will allow me to redirect my time to working with clients, working in marketing, fieldwork, learning, and improving the presentation of my services to future clients. The biggest advantage of BT is a large number of tools in one, and I focused the most on the website. The whole system is quite practical and simple.

As you have already mentioned, the key to the practicality and simplicity of the system lies in the fact that it was developed by Direct Booker, an agency that manages vacation rentals that developed it according to its needs to improve and facilitate its business, and today uses it to manage over 8,000 property units. That is why BT is different from other softwares on the market and is specially adapted for all Property Managers. Do you agree?
Yes, I will be happy to recommend BT to other Property Managers as it is software that will suit their needs if they want to do this business professionaly. It will make their business much easier because the system will close all reservations on all sales channels, solve long-term administrations, give them security, and what is very important – for all questions and ambiguities, they can always turn to technical support. They answer all questions very quickly, have a professional approach and are very friendly. I am really happy and feel relaxed because I know I can always ask whatever interests me. It is an extremely professional, approachable and inspiring team. They have a lot of knowledge and experience in property management and patience for education and consulting. They appreciate every partner and it is really felt. Although I just started using BT, I already know that it will be very useful to me and that this is the beginning of a long-term collaboration.

If you are also a Property Manager and looking for a technological solution that will facilitate and improve your business, contact us.


Why should you start with Direct Booking?

2020 was the beginning of new trends that shifted traveling to different levels and made it unpredictable so that both travelers and service providers had to learn how to adapt to the new normal.

In 2020, we saw a sharp increase in direct bookings. On average, almost 20% of all bookings happened directly. That is an increase of 65% compared to 2019. (source: Stardekk)

Direct Booking is a global trend in the Vacation Rental Industry where travelers prefer to make a reservation for their stay directly with the Property Manager or a Homeowner. This trend has been on the rise for several years, especially since the previous pandemic year. In the following, you can find more details on how having your website can help your business and what are different models of generating direct bookings on your website.

  • Create Your Website

Having your website can be a powerful tool in building your brand. Your rental website can help travelers find all information that they need before making the reservation while keeping the contact after the reservation was made will be the first step in building your customer loyalty. 

If in the offer you provide Promo codes for your guest’s travel or your guest friends, it will be a great option to convert travelers into your regular guests. 

It is no secret that many fees for Property Managers include paying OTA commission fees for reservations generated via their distribution channels. Your rental website will boost your revenue, and being a property manager, it is your business goal. 

Booker Tools Direct Booking tool can help you to boost your business by creating your website directly from the software. A generated website can include all details of your properties together with a booking engine that will allow travelers to make the reservation directly with you. Adapting your rental website to your brand with high-quality images will make a great first impression on your guests. Demonstrate your company brand and what you provide to the customer, and how value is created.

The benefits that travelers get when booking directly with you: 

  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Guaranteed payment security
  • Personal verified properties
  • Personal approach
  • Direct communication
  • Local suggestions and help


  • Booking Engine

Booking Engine is a crucial component of generating direct reservations. If you create your rental website from the system, it will include Booking Engine as well. Suppose you already have your existing website with property content. In that case, Booker Tools can provide you the option of using an integrated booking engine that will enable travelers to book directly on your website. Automatic synchronization of prices, availability, and restrictions will allow you to have the best offers on your website while enabling your customers to have real-time rates and availability without the need for prior inquiries.

  • API Integrations

Using API integration, an existing website can be linked using the iframe components (booking form, calendar, search engine, etc.) – the possibility of API connection means full connection with your website, including automatic synchronization of inventory (reservations, prices, restrictions, and availability) and synchronization of content (photos, description, guiding content of property units…). Connecting your existing website with Booker Tools also provides your customers with real-time rates and availability to book directly on your website.

Regardless of creating a new website from the software or connecting the existing one, Booker Tools central calendar will keep all reservations organized in one place so you can have an overview of all reservation details, both on your desktop version and your Booker Tools mobile app.

Create your website directly from Booker Tools software, start generating direct reservations and make your business more successful. 

If you would like to have more information on how Direct Booking can help your business, we stay at your disposal.

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